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BoCA x 1

- Multi-frequency analysis (2~300kHz)
- Analysis per body part (torso and each limb)
- Intracellular and extracellular liauid analysis
- Balance analysis between muscles and body fat
- Target weight calculation (Weight adjustment simulation)
- Analysis results conbenient for guidance (on exercise and nutrition)
- Guidance and management on obesity
- Validating esthetic changes and effects
- Checking exercise effects in sports clubs
- For events in health-related facilities
- As a tool for the management of lifestyle diseases
- Analysis of muscles, body fat and moisture for individual body part
- Balance between left and right
- Trend analysis
- Easy-to-use measurement results on somatic components
- Trend and target weight simulation
- Exercise scheduling
- Preparation of exercise menus
- Preparation of nutrition plans


Electrode form

8-point clip electrodes or touch electrode (optionable)

 Frequency interval

Voluntary sine wave variable genetator

 Output wave

Sine wave

 Measuring current

less than 550㎂

 Measuring part

trunk, limb, whole body

 Measurement item


protein quantity

body fat quantity

parted fluid quantity


muscle quantity

body fat ratio

parted muscle quantity

swelling check

inorganic quantity

abdomen fat ratio

parted fat quantity

body fluid


weight height

body balance

 Analysis item

propriety weight


figure grade

basic metabolic quantity

target weight


figure growth exponent

required daily calory

body fat control



calorie prescription

muscles control




 Somatic component
analyis program

somatic component analysis result, nutrition prescription, exercise prescription,
food item, weight simulation, database to patient information,
somatic component trend analysis, parted composition range analysis,
body balance analysis, food index, utility

 Consumption energies

160 AV

 Rating voltage

AC 220V, 60Hz

 External interface

RS-232, IEEE1284, USB, LAN

 Weight and dimensions

37kg, 530 x 570 x 1260 (mm : W x L x H)

 Measured time

within 1-minute

 System component

15" XGA TFT LCD / Celeron 2.8G